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Butterfly Cancer Ribbon Patch

Butterfly Cancer Ribbon Patch

Customize the color of the ribbon from the options below. Background fabrics will be white for all ribbon color choices except for pink unless otherwise specialized. 

If you would like a specific color for the wings, please email me at, or send a message via Facebook or Instagram to @ChoiceCraftZ 
  • How To Apply Patches

    • Pre-Wash all Fabrics
    • Machine Wash Cold
    • Do NOT use Fabric Softener
    • Dry on Low Heat or NO Heat
    • Avoid Repeated or Excessive Ironing

    Cover the patch with cloth and iron on the patch between 300-320F, hold for 10 seconds.

    • You may turn the garment inside out and iron again for another 10 seconds
    • Let the garment lay flat until cool! 
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