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In early 2015, Choice CraftZ started as a hobby to pass the time between my teaching job and summer vacation. I opened an Etsy store that same year and it flourished during that time. However, due to many circumstances such as the start of a new career, several moves, the time needed to dedicate to making crafts diminished and the store closed.

Thanks to the encouragement and prayers from many family and friends, Choice CraftZ LLC opened in March 2019, bigger and better than ever! The store is expanding to include screen printing, car decals, ceramics, and more in addition to wooden crafts. 

I believe that everyone enjoys a gift when it's personalized and I would love to brighten someones day by creating a product with a person in mind. Choice CraftZ LLC is committed to delivering the best experience for our customers. Contact me today for your custom needs!




Choice CraftZ LLC supports the Black Lives Matter Movement! If you are out on the front lines fighting for our rights or in the background supporting our brothers and sisters monetarily, writing to your local government, sharing ways to support on your feed, YOU ARE APPRECIATED! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! Our work is not done! I look forward to seeing the change in our communities and government. Remember to VOTE in your local elections! VOTE for leadership that respects YOU and YOUR values. Make your voices heard both on the streets AND at the polls! Thank you for your continued support of my business and I promise to never sit back and remain idle while racism runs free!


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