Only Whent It's Safe

Only Whent It's Safe

This isn't a typo... It's $12. I'll gladly lose a profit if that means I can help spread awareness of the lack of respect America has for its public education system...


As a teacher, it goes to show that America still thinks of teachers as lowly babysitters. We were considered "irreplaceable" when the pandemic first hit home... Now that people want to go outside, to restaurants, clubs, and other businesses, we're lazy and shouldn't be paid if we're not physically going to school. I get that not everyone is able to care for their kid at home. Shout out to the parents who are  TRYING to accommodate and are looking out for the health of their children as well as others they may come in contact with. A majority of the people who are speaking out against virtual learning haven't stepped foot inside a classroom for DECADES. Speaking as a 6th-grade teacher, there may be 1 student out of every 5 who are mature enough to keep their mask on an entire day, stay 6 ft away and follow proper hygiene procedures. And that's being generous. Teachers went from heroes back to "glorified babysitters" in a matter of months. America is bonkers, man. 


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